UX / UI Design

Indecomm Digital Services has expertise in designing new products (web, mobile, and desktop applications) and building UX for prototypes under development.


Our digital design services help make a user’s interactions with your products more meaningful, leveraging features such that customers perceive value from using the product

Our interface designers, developers and content writers combine their best rationale to create a cohesive product design that is efficient and provides customers an enhanced experience

  • Information Architecture & User Experience design

  • Prototyping

  • Change Management through Learning Solutions

  • Industrial and Visual Design

UX / UI Design

Our offerings include:

Experience design consulting:

Analyze and devise strategy to enhance the user experience of current platforms, applications and products

Turnkey design of products/systems/apps:

Create excellent user experiences to ensure easy adoption of new platforms, tools or apps

Production and implementation of GUI:

Turn low fidelity wireframes into visually rich and appealing interfaces

Redesign existing products/systems/apps:

Designing new interfaces for web, mobile and desktop applications and building UX for product prototypes under development.