Test Automation

Indecomm’s managed test services model mandates intransigent quality right from inception through development to deployment of your products and applications.


AutomationNG© - our flagship product in the test automation space provides a unified mechanism to script for Web, Mobile Web, iOS and Android Native applications

Automation NG

Our approach to QA is outcome based with end-to-end accountability. Crisp test planning and execution in line with Agile principles has culminated in incident-free product/application launches for our clients with zero/minimal post production maintenance.

Key Benefits include:

  • Hides Script development complexity

  • Faster script development using recorder

  • Easy Maintainability

  • Greater Productivity

  • Maximum Reusability

  • Significant Cost Savings

  • Highly flexible and scalable

AutomationNG© has a modular architecture that enables a rich set of often needed generic fixtures. Its testing capabilities can be easily extended by writing custom reusable fixtures. Tests are defined in ’English-like’ statements, and once authored can be executed on all platforms – Windows, iOS and Android.

In addition to Test Automation, Our Performance Engineering capabilities include load, stress, spike, scalability and endurance testing apart from performance tuning and benchmarking

Indecomm’s robust approach has helped our clients meet their non-functional performance related goals by leveraging our expertise in tools like JMeter, LoadRunner and Silk Performer.