IoT, Embedded, Mobile

Indecomm has invested heavily in the future-facing technology realm comprising of IoT, Mobile OS & App development and RTOS enabled embedded software.


Indecomm’s team of mobility experts can help define, architect and roll out your enterprise mobility strategy and presence - all while you focus on your core business and spectate its expansion in the digital world

Be it collecting, analyzing and consuming data from internet connected probes/sensors/devices, to development of mobile apps across iOS and Android platforms or building device drivers and embedded service apps for IoT end points, Indecomm has always been at the forefront of cutting edge technology.

  • Data collection from probes/sensors, devices, etc.

  • Embedded s/w - from device drivers to value added services apps

  • RTOS, Mobile OS, Tools, SDK, etc.

  • iOS and Android Solutions - OS and Apps

Our Mobile Labs' diverse experience in digital engineering and engagement will help you define the optimal mobile architecture and apps for different mobile devices and browsers, native or HTML5 applications (which can resemble native web apps), streaming solutions, bandwidth/network detection, imaging, optimizing, widgets, and many more options.