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Six Compelling Reasons to Consider Microsoft Azure for Your Infrastructure Needs

Six Compelling Reasons to Consider Microsoft Azure for Your Infrastructure Needs

Virander Sirohi | February 12, 2019

Microsoft Azure took the cloud services market by storm with the promise of helping businesses build and manage powerful applications. While there are multiple IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) providers like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, among others, we will focus on Azure and its benefits in this blog post.

  1. A trusted cloud for designing applications/services faster –The Azure platform is highly secure and trustable with its embedded data privacy, authentication, and accessibility attributes. It is able to fend off approximately 1.5 million attacks a day (source) with its robust security development lifecycle. Not only does it provide 50 compliance offerings and is deemed as the most secure cloud platform by regulators, but it also enables you to take several backups at different locations around the world to avoid any sort of uncertainty.
  2. Highly scalable to match your changing need – You may encounter scalability issues in the scenario of a large amount of traffic. In such dynamic cases, Azure offers the flexibility of adding or removing computing power as per your needs. While this attribute is comfortable, easy to work on, and fast, it is also something that will result in cost savings!
  3. Easier than ever migration experience – You can now easily move your applications to Azure by following its step-by-step guidelines. You can save both time and effort as Microsoft has resolved the complexity of migration by offering an easy-to-operate platform in no time at all.
  4. Always running with Anytime, Anywhere access – Azure uses failovers and load balancers to ensure that your application works anytime and anywhere without creating any delays. If Azure encounters any failure in the system, your application is backed up automatically to a duplicate system where it works in exactly the same way as the previous system. Needless to say, working on Microsoft Azure offers high reliability.
  5. Seamless integration with other Microsoft tools –While Azure works extremely well on Windows and Linux; it can be seamlessly integrated with other Microsoft products such as Office 365, Outlook, and SharePoint. As a large number of enterprises are already familiar with Microsoft applications, it is safe to say that Azure can be an attractive option for them.
  6. Cost-efficient and affordable – You can purchase the cloud and storage as per your needs as Azure is highly scalable. You do not have to worry about IT administration costs as Azure handles and maintains the infrastructure, and connects with multiple datacentres effortlessly, making Azure worth its value.

Given the numerous benefits that it provides, it is not surprising that approximately 57% of Fortune 500 companies already use Azure.

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