Freshdesk Power-up + Trello App


Sync priorities between teams to solve tickets faster. Support & sales teams can insert and create Freshdesk tickets into Trello cards.

Sync your teams with Freshdesk Power-up + Trello App and manage tickets with a seamless workflow experience to deliver outstanding sales and customer support.


Bring your teams together to deliver exceptional sales and customer support

  • Connect Trello boards to Freshdesk to create new cards from tickets

  • Insert and sync Freshdesk tickets into Trello cards in real-time

  • Your team will get notifications of changes and updates made to linked cards

  • Support and sales teams can now collaborate to deliver the right support for your customers

Key Features of Freshdesk Power-up + Trello App

Connect Trello boards to Freshdesk service desk to create new cards from tickets

Support agents can choose Trello boards and send tickets to cards or create them from scratch.

Solve tickets faster by having your teams always in sync regarding

  • Status

  • Priorities

  • Assignees

  • Due dates

Drastically improve issue resolution

  • Your support team can seamlessly collaborate with our cross-platform integration.

  • Improved Collaboration = Timely results.

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