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Our approach to managed learning is to create a phased-development roadmap—from current state to future state


Our approach solves the identified performance issues, pays for its own implementation, produces on-going cost savings, and stimulates continuous improvement

Service Offerings

Managed Studiocard

Managed Studio

This engagement framework allows our customers to use our delivery capabilities as if it were their “Virtual Extension” for Learning and Development services:

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It has combined offerings of:

  • Talent

  • Technology & Tools (LMS, Authoring tools)

  • Frameworks

  • Media

The Managed Studio enhances collaborative development and deeper integration of the teams’ various creative skills. Depending on the ad hoc requirements of customers, the Managed Studio framework also enables us to achieve rapid deployment of extended units.

The Managed Studio framework provides the following advantages:

  • Virtual extension and integration

  • Strong operational framework and mature governance model between us and the customer

  • Common efforts pool for a stipulated duration

  • Predictable skill and capacity utilization

  • Flex capacity and rollover hours to handle peaks and valleys of workflow

  • Retention of skills and knowledge

  • Structured and repeatable processes

Learning Infrastructure Managementcard

Learning Infrastructure Management

We provide a dedicated team to manage your learning infrastructure through the following activities:

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  • Add users to the system

  • Edit or create a certification or curriculum/training plan in the system

  • Add course content

  • Assign content to users

  • Perform other administration tasks

  • Generate reports


  • Add, delete, or edit content on the system

  • Perform courseware testing

  • Trouble-shoot and repair problems in the configuration of a program or course

  • Test courseware against standards

  • Test write-back functionality of compliant courseware, using SCORM or AICC protocols


  • Perform required updates to the Code

  • Fix reported bugs and broken links

  • Monitor site performance


  • Navigation issues

  • eLearning course launch

  • Assessment scores