Digital Strategy

Our highly qualified Learning Consultants and Learning Technologists help our customers in their shift to digital transformation.


As digital strategists, we work together with our customers to help them design and deploy effective and engaging digital experiences.

We don't just recommend, but also help our customers execute, our recommendations. We structure our consulting engagement on the best practices gleaned from working with numerous global and industry-leading enterprises.

Service Offerings

Digital Learning Consultingcard

Digital Learning Consulting

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  • Assess if your current learning experiences are aligned to your business goals

  • Identify the best learning models that will work for your employees

  • Redesign your learning experiences to improve learning and provide long-term return on investment

  • Refresh your learning experiences with the right blend of old and new learning methodologies and technologies

  • Devise evaluation strategies to measure the success and effectiveness of your learning initiatives

Digital Change and Transformation Consultingcard

Digital Change and Transformation Consulting

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  • Establish the need for the change

  • Ensure the adoption of the change through appropriate digital communication and change management strategies

  • Track the change implementation to assess its adoption and effectiveness

Learning Technology Consultingcard

Learning Technology Consulting

Our technology value proposition is generated by a combination of business knowledge, deep hands-on technology skills, and a focused use of in-house methodologies, frameworks, and performance support tools.

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Our Digital Strategists provide you with directions and recommendations to:

  • Select appropriate learning platforms and tools for your organization

  • Design and develop bespoke learning platforms or tools to align to your business goals

  • Enhance the user experience and design of your existing systems

  • Integrate your current systems and platform with portal overlays