Digital Content Engineering

Our team works closely with our clients, using a consultative approach, to identify the core objectives of a learning intervention and provide a solution aligned with our customers' business goals


Our design philosophy is practical and we have a learner-centric approach that is guided by the 3Rs: Relate, Reveal, and Reinforce

Service Offerings

Custom eLearningcard

Custom eLearning

We design digital, web-based learning experiences that are tailored to our customers' business needs, the learning style of their employees, and most importantly that engages the learners and delivers results.

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Our Custom eLearning repertoire includes:

  • Story-based learning

  • Scenario-based learning

  • Simulations

  • Gamified and Game-based learning

  • Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

  • Rapid e-Learning

  • Micro-Learning nuggets

Our approach to Custom eLearning is:

  • Create meaningful learning experiences that translate into effective job performance

  • Make the learning experience visually and aurally appealing to engage the mind and heart

  • Design interactions that enable retention and application of learning and translate into on the job performance

  • Focus on making the learning experience sustainable and continuous

Expert-Led Learning (Virtual & Classroom-based)card

Expert-Led Learning (Virtual & Classroom-based)

In today's digitally automated world, there are a few things that still require human interaction,and learning is one of them.

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There is no better way to learn than directly from an expert who is capable of resolving all your queries and doubts right there and then. Furthermore, such an experience also provides the dual opportunity to learn from our peers.

We design instructor-facilitated learning experiences as classroom or web-based sessions can be:

  • Lecture-driven

  • Activity-based

  • Discussion-oriented

  • Coaching-Based

Our approach toward these synchronous learning experiences is:

  • To maximize interaction opportunities between the instructor and the learners, as well as among learners

  • Integrate tools or platforms that ensure continuous learner-to-learner and learners-to-instructor interactions both pre and post the live event

  • Use instructor time for more expert-advise to learners’ problems and queries and help them learn from the instructor’s experiences

  • Create learning material that can also be used for performance support post the program

  • Include a smart blend of learning modalities to ensure richer and deeper interactions between the content, instructors, and learners, allowing learners to master the content at their own pace



With today's mobile workforce, learning-on-the-go is a necessity. We recommend using mobile learning for review, reinforcement, or just-in-time reference and performance support.

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Our repertoire of mobile learning solutions include:

  • Mobile device compatible courseware

  • Native and Web-based Apps for both Android and iOS devices

  • Mobile-based Flash/Cue cards for quick reference

  • Mobile-based simple simulations

  • Mobile-based learning games

  • Interactive Micro-Learning nuggets

  • Gamified mobile-based custom platforms

Our approach to creating mLearning is:

  • Use it primarily for continuous and social learning

  • Tailor content in quick and easily digestible nuggets

  • Avoid unnecessary interactions

  • Provide clean and simple user interface

  • Use it for collaboration and sharing

Social Learningcard

Social Learning

Research shows that we’re more engaged, more willing to try new things, more receptive to new stimuli, energetic, and empathetic when we work in collaborative, supportive environments.

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We help you identify or create collaborative tech platforms that:

  • Encourage continuous and cohort learning

  • Enable your learners to collaborate and connect with their peers, supervisors and experts pre, during and post structured learning interventions

  • Allow supervisors to coach their direct reports during and post the learning intervention to ensure knowledge transfer to the job

  • Work as a content curation and generation platform to further enhance knowledge

Rooted in the principles of collaboration, engagement, retention, and motivation, and supported by strong technical expertise across numerous collaborative and social media platforms, we help you implement a comprehensive, interactive mechanism to motivate and engage your learners through the learning process.

Digitization and Modernizationcard

Digitization and Modernization

Platform consolidations and digital upgrades often require the standardization and migration of content.

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We help migrate into standard templates, to ensure Instructional and visual consistency by direct porting, with minimal restructuring and editing, using industry recognized authoring platforms for efficiency and cost effectiveness.



Today’s digital global workforces require enterprises to provide equal learning and development opportunities that are adapted across various locales.

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We offer a cost-efficient means to localize your learning initiatives in more than 30+ languages and contextualize them to local cultures. Our distributed engagement model allows for rapid development of localized versions that are launched in short order after the master learning program.

Media Servicescard

Media Services

Our large pool of talented Multi-media Developers, Illustrators, Graphic Designers, Animators, 3D Modelers, Visualizers, and Videographers enables us to offer interactive media services in the following areas:

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  • Graphic Development

  • 3D Assets

  • 2D Animation Assets

  • Branding

  • Video Production

Learning Analyticscard

Learning Analytics

With the growing trend of ‘data-based-decisions’ proliferating to all aspects of business, Learning and Development in large enterprises around the world are increasingly adopting Learning Analytics to measure the success of, and improve, their learning interventions, tools, and platforms

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Our holistic approach towards learning system design is integrating learning analytics to:

  • Track learner behavior and interaction to identify what’s working and what’s not to improve the learning experience

  • Create adaptive learning experiences for learners with different levels of content mastery

  • Identify learners who require more support and create personalized learning experiences for them

  • Make individual learners reflect on their progress and achievements in relation to their peers

Our Yellow Platter Learning Suite (YPLS) offers a host of learner analytics and reporting features that go beyond simple data reporting.