Cloud and SaaS

Cloud offerings that help organizations optimize IT cost while deriving maximum value from resources.


Learning solutions that address business needs in a consultative and collaborative way for maximum performance impact

  • On-Demand SaaS Product Engineering and Development

  • Private and Public Cloud, 3rd party Cloud-based Applications

  • Cloud Migration

  • Cloud Infrastructure Management and Support – Tech Ops, App Support

Cloud Sass Diagram

Specifically for our clients on the AWS platform, we have leveraged multiple services like :

Messaging – SQS & SNS
Database – RDS & Mongo DB
Container registry – ECR
DNS Management – Route 53
Monitoring – CloudWatch
Version Control – CodeCommit
Analytics – ElasticSearch
Identity and Access Management
Storage – S3
Security – Cognito

We have also worked extensively on AWS customizations in areas like Security – Cognito (SSO using JWT tokens stored in REDIS cache), Events, Alerts and Monitoring – DataDog, Scalability of Micro-services - Docker, Rancher and Application Tracing – X-Ray.

Our robust experience in SaaS best practices like multi tenancy models, cloud computing, data protection, privacy, integration patterns and data analytics helps us keep our clients ahead in the game

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