AutomationNG© is a cloud-and mobile-first first test automation framework for Acceptance Test Driven Development.

AutomationNG© is an advanced test automation platform for both web and mobile applications. It significantly reduces the effort to build and maintain test cases which results in accelerated ROI.

Test cases recording and editing in simple English, multi-browser and multi-platform support, image-based verifications, parallel test execution, and integration with existing CI/CD pipeline make AutomationNG© one of the most advanced and powerful, yet simple to use and implement, test automation platforms.

Automation NG

Key features of AutomationNG©

Unified Mechanism

To script for Web, Mobile Web, iOS and Android Native applications

AutomationNG© Recorder

Intelligent algorithms to capture elements and actions performed by  the user

Elegant Reusable Scripts

For better maintainability and effort savings

English-like Scripting

Cuts scripting and maintenance of tests cases to half or more

Browser Compatibility

Compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge, IE and Safari on Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems

Supports Multiple Browsers

Supports multiple browsers for compatibility testing

Integrates into Existing CI

Continuous Integration processes to allow Continuous Delivery

Integration with External Applications

Integrates with commonly used tools such as GIT, SVN, JIRA, Jenkins

Concurrent Execution

Enables distributed and concurrent (“parallel”) execution

Strong Core Library

Strong Core library that allows and promotes reuse and scalability

Management Interface

Sophisticated Management interface for scheduling of test runs, reports, etc.

Cloud Service

Can be deployed in any private or public cloud e.g., AWS, Azure, GCloud

For more information about the product or to request a demo, please feel free to write us.

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