Deepon Mitra

With a Masters in Comparative Literature and a career spanning over 7 years, Deepon has developed and spearheaded learning programs for some of the largest names in the Banking, Manufacturing, Energy, Telecommunications, and Aviation sectors. He has delivered training and support for learning programs in the US, UK, Switzerland, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia. He is passionate about Learning Experience (LX), Learning Systems, Content and Design, and is always on the lookout for next-generation learning solutions to trick adults into learning. After dark, Deepon can be found devouring books, movies, and documentaries. He is also an avid PC gamer.

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Digital Learning

Learning by Telling Stories

Deepon Mitra | May 7, 2019

Once upon a time, before anesthesia was discovered, a doctor’s prowess was based on how fast he could do an amputation, not his ability to diagnose or cure. Doctors back then resorted to various ...

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